Dry Face

Dry face not only looks unattractive but it is also more sensitive to dirt and dust, consequently, pimples and acne might appear. The skin becomes unable to retain moisture and it might feel tight all the time. Cracking might occur in the extreme cases. To take care of the Dry Face, some tips have been provided as under:

Avoid Tap Water to Wash the Face

The tap water generally contains deposits of salts and other materials which might dry the skin of the face even more. Hence, as much as possible, use only mineral water to wash and cleanse the face. You can also spray mineral water over your face using a spray bottle once in the morning and once in the evening. This would keep your face clean and healthy.

Dry FaceCleanse the Skin

Cleansing the skin is very important. However, when the face is really Dry Face, you cannot use anything to clean it. Do not use soap to clean the face, it would extract out all the essential natural oils. Instead, use a mild face wash and immediately after cleansing the skin, apply a moisturiser so that the water content of the outermost layer of the facial skin is retained.

Use neutral pH Products

The commercial soaps would only extract the natural oils of the skin and would do no good to the skin. Try to use only those products which have neutral pH so that the skin is least affected by it. You should always read the contents of the label before using any new face wash on the face. Cleaning the face with face cream is also a good option.

Apply Baby Oil after Bathing

Generally when you take a shower, tap water would fall on your face and you can’t stop it from happening. However, you can treat the after effects of it. Make sure that you apply a baby oil or a gentle cream all over your face after taking a shower. This would not only hydrate your skin but also help to keep it moist all day long.

Avoid Detergents and Washing Soaps

When detergent or washing soaps come in contact with the facial skin accidentally, they might have a negative effect on the facial skin. Hence, make sure that you avoid coming in contact with these. When washing clothes, avoid touching your face.

Try a Beauty Mask

Dry skin certainly needs some extra care from your side. You can make a face mask at your own with the ingredients present in the home itself and restore the suppleness of the face. You just have to mix an egg, a teaspoon olive oil, a teaspoon honey and rose water in a bowl and then apply it over the face. Let it dry and after some time, remove it as a mask. Wash your face and you would get beautiful and hydrated skin.

Avocado Mask

If you do not get enough time to make a mask by yourself at home, you can try going to the parlour and ask if avocado mask is available there. Most of the parlours provide this service and once you get it done, you would get clean, fresh and soft skin. One in a month, you should definitely go for this and you would never have the issues of dry skin.

Moisturise at the Night

If you do not want your skin to get dry all the time, you can try moisturising it at night. You just have to wash your face using a mild face wash, then, apply a mild moisturiser all over the face. Since it is the night time, you can also apply some extra amount of moisturiser. Let is absorb in your skin and then wash it off using water only. A layer of moisturiser would still remain on the face, do not remove it.

Milk Bath

Milk bath is something that would definitely treat the dry skin. Your skin would not only be smoothened but it would also be nourished and all the essential nutrients would return to it. You can put powdered milk in a bucket of warm water and add perfume and almond oil to it. Try to sock your body in the bathtub and it would do wonders for your skin. After that, you can take a shower.